Misty Miller

Misty Miller
Misty Miller

“South Londoner Misty Miller has shared a video for her new single ‘Happy’, which is out on June 7th via Relentless Records. The colourful, over-saturated video was directed by Sophie Muller and shows the 21-year-old singer channelling her pop-punk-slash-PJ-Harvey energy into a playful performance.” The Four Oh Five

Killer songstress Misty Miller is fast-gaining attention for her raw, emotive intensity. She’s the kind of take-no-shit heroine this generation needs.

Hewn from the same deep passions and musical lineage as PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde, Misty has impressed fans far and wide, including Radio 1 DJ and Bestival founder Rob Da Bank, who declared, “She has a voice that will slay us all.”

Misty’s latest single Happy is, at the time of writing, currently on the Radio 1 playlist – so keep your ears peeled!


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