Selected by our friends at Grass Route:

“The drums sound like Can’s “Vitamin C” as the guitars play a frantic game of snakes and ladders through the kaleidoscopic soundscape.” NME Radar

Blurring the lines of 60’s Americana garage rock and flirting with modern-day psychedelia such as Tame Impala and Temples, Psyence is an intense chemical reaction of face-melting riffs, spacious vocals and groove-based rhythms that have been locked away up North to slowly mature away from the ‘style over substance’ London psych scene.

Already being lauded by the likes of The Quietus and The Guardian, 2013 saw Psyence perform at the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia and be hailed as “the best live band” he’d seen in 10 years by The Charlatan’s Martin Blunt.

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