“A thundering instrumental band who engaged the audience and were pretty special. No singer, just heavy and clever riffs and an awesome drummer…” GigSlutz

Instrumental math-rock trio Iepi were last in the UK for an exclusive support slot with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at London’s prestigious 100 Club. Not bad, eh?! This time, they’re back for a tour with That Fucking Tank, who they recently toured with in their homeland of Spain. This trio of self-educated musicians moved to the disconcerting (as well as exciting) world of progressive-organic-instrumental-superlative-superalternative-supermarket-noise. They don’t really know how they ended up playing so loud and so fast, but it might be all these years of unsuccessful rehearsals with their former bands condensed into every song! Fans of Battles, Don Cabellero, Adebesi Shank, as well as fellow Twisterella bands That Fucking Tank and Brontide… be excited.


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