“The instrumental trio have moved away from the quirky math-rock of their debut and embraced melody to become a heavy version of fellow vocal-less noisemakers Explosions In The Sky… Brontide aren’t the rumbling noise – they’re the earthquake. Expect future measurements off the Richter scale. KKKK” Kerrang

Whilst initially drawing upon a sonic palette familiar to fans of Don Caballero, Russian Circles and Battles, Brontide have slowly yet confidently evolved into very much their own beast. Clearly still instrumental rock at its base, Brontide now incorporate R’n’B loops, pop and cinematic melodies and have truly established themselves as something unique. Members of the band also perform with a variety of other groups including La Roux, Rolo Tomassi and Marina & The Diamonds, yet it is with Brontide where they really show their true heartfelt, post-rock colours.

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