General Sherman

General Sherman
General Sherman


“A sound that spans the melancholy and inspirational.” NARC. Magazine

General Sherman are a group of six friends from Middlesbrough. Utilising guitars, violin, keys, glockenspiel, ukulele, percussion and flute they make warm, wonky folk music.

They tackle topics such as murderous family pets, the life of a tree, neuroses, nostalgia, infant cobbling entrepreneurship, zenning in a submarine, why heathens rage furiously, and striking a ball well. They released their debut album “Get Down with General Sherman” on 6th June 2014.

They have played shows with Barr Brothers, Withered Hand, Sweet Baboo, To Kill A King, Matthew & Me and Lanterns on the Lake at some of the finest venues in the North East.

“Mesmerising musical mood food.” Rob Nichols – Evening Gazette

“A kind of skew-whiff folk constructed of shafts of dark and light. Gently arresting.” The Crack

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