“The four-piece supported garage-punk upstarts DZ Deathrays when they made their way to Mixtape at The Keys, putting in an immense performance that, whisper it quietly, almost upstaged the main act themselves.” NARC. Magazine

“Bi:Lingual. The name says it all. Two cultures, one unorthodox language.

We’ve seen the failures of rock and rap colliding in an ill-aesthetic form, but nothing succeeds like this. The front mans Afro brings more than a sense of style to the scruffs of the band, it brings a sense of security to the rap that forebodes.

Baring witness to the waves of locks that behead the multi-talented rhythm section scream out we’re loud, we’re angry and the apathy we hold towards those who hate, presents the idealistic irrationality of them against the world. And Bi:Lingual are just that. A pure source to be reckoned with. Untainted and unashamed. They are what they are.

Penniless but not hopeless they’re here to stay whether you like it or not. But chances are when that kick drum, heavily fuzzed bass and guitar kick in to the pop orientated but ear drum shattering chorus, that Bilingual have made their trademark, your brain will blow, and swell, and vibrate to the point that an unconscious rattle in your head protrudes to a steady head bop that simply cannot be controlled.

You are drawn in and intoxicated, and take my word for it, in a world so ugly, that’s what we need.”

“So these are a pretty fun band. Yorkshire based Allusondrugs have a distinctly grunge sound but there’s something a bit more delicate to the vocals and guitar playing.There’s grunge, heavy rock, psych and emo all thrown in for what is a very solid single.” Artrocker

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