Beach Baby

Beach Baby
Beach Baby

“It’s indie guitar pop, without wishing to damn it with faint praise. Somehow it manages to capture elements of the best of several genres/eras – post-punk, baggy, shoegaze and grunge – without sounding like a mess. They cite as influences the Cure, Joy Division, the Smiths, Pavement and Nirvana… has some of the Cure’s early moody majesty, only combined with the dynamics of Nirvana and the stoned triumphalism of The Stone Roses. Could be big.” The Guardian

Beach Baby are a London-based four-piece whose crisp, US-inspired take on apathetic alternative-pop finds it roots across Athens, Dorset and Sheffield. They met in the musically-rich halls of Goldsmiths College, where co-vocalists Ollie and Lawrence placed an advert looking to build on their then-folk-driven, dual songwriting partnership: future bassist Iraklis turned up dressing like a 50s college freshman (and swiftly got the gig), before drummer Shep completed the equation.

Balancing their burgeoning sound with make-do jobs ranging from a teaching assistant to feature-film script readers, the band have arrived fully-formed at the distinct, occasionally dream-like sound and visuals of Beach Baby.

Managed by Verdigris (Jungle, Beaty Heart), the band have already released a couple of critically acclaimed singles via the Chess Club Records (MØ, Swim Deep) imprint.

“Make no mistake, Beach Baby have every means of triumphing in the big leagues” DIY

“Wide-eyed and gorgeous” Noisey

“Beach Baby whittle a piece of noise poised to soundtrack gauzy summer mornings” Line of Best Fit

“Uplifting, infectiously melodic, and with the driving force of a locomotive” Crack in the Road

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