“Actor is about to rejuvenate the concept of pop… with a twist.” When the Gramophone Rings

ACTOR is the alias of Louisa Osborn, collaborating Producer Chris Mulligan and Drummer Ste Anderson, who started writing their caustic and atmospheric alt-pop in a murky art space once home to a bomb factory in Leeds. The central focus of ACTOR is Louisa’s stunning voice that soars over idiosyncratic guitars and taut yet elegant production, creating a push-and-pull of styles that intimates a raucous spirit in the recordings.

The songs by ACTOR feature exaggerated tales of larger-than-life characters personifying experiences of social anxiety, relationship breakdowns and constant migraines. On how she writes Louisa says ‘Each song has this detached narrative that draws you intothe stories behind it. I like to feel like I’m Actor and storyteller, ultimately immersed in every song but not defined by anything or anyone within them’.

With first track ‘Feline’ ACTOR present a brooding vocal floating over a hypnotic back beat andrumbling bass, with a nod to the distinctive atmosphere of Lykke Li and the commanding presence and character of Anna Calvi or St Vincent at their most acerbic.

‘Feline’ represents the first of an albums-worth of tracks formed by the band over the early months of 2015 in Mulligan’s home studio. Varying in mood from sharp-edged ballads to brittle alt-rock ACTOR could best be described as Lana Del Rey imagining PJ Harvey.

Their collection of songs was strong enough to land the band their debut live date at ‘Live at Leeds’ festival.

“‘Feline’ constructs together varying elements of bliss-y/guitar effects-driven pop with just the right measure of movement in the track creating for a very compelling listen.” Blahblahblahscience

“Full of dark wonder and a triumphant chorus. It combines intensity and energy with a glossy layer of sophistication.” Discobelle

“Feline is a sprawling synth masterpiece filled with eventful twists and turns as its rolling bass driven backdrop breaks away in to some scintillating guitar work.” Scientists of Sound

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