Enjoy your day. Look after one another. Discover some amazing new music:

Twisterella Times 2017

If you *really* want to see a specific act, make sure you get there early – but if a venue is full, go and see somebody else! The whole line-up is ace. You won’t be disappointed.

‘Secret’ pop-up sessions:

2pm – Bottled Note – Amelia Coburn
3pm – Slater’s Pick – Jake Houlsby
4pm – Bottled Note – Noemie Wolfs & Joe Hammill
4:30pm – Slater’s Pick – Soham De
5pm – Twisted Lip – Ste Allen (BQSL)
5:30pm Sticky Fingers – Josh Wantie & Cape Cub
6pm – Alchemy & Co – Tom Joshua
6:30pm – Sticky Fingers – Eve Conway
7pm – Twisted Lip – Dylan Cartlidge
7:30pm – Sticky Fingers – Jonny Godwin

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