Covid Guidance

Covid Guidance

After postponing Twisterella 2020 and seeing the live music industry decimated by the pandemic over the past 18 months, it goes without saying that we take covid-19 and its effects very seriously. Away from the music industry, we share a sense of sadness at the devastation the virus has caused all over the world.

The safety of our performers, staff and audience is at the forefront of our planning for this year’s festival and we are in regular dialogue with the Association of Independent Festivals, Tees Valley Combined Authority and all of our partner venues.

With the lifting of restrictions on so-called ‘Freedom Day’ in July, the Government moved away from regulating events to a position where we all take personal responsibility for each other’s health.

The onus was placed on venues to put their own health and safety procedures into place in lieu of any formal requirements from the Government.

All of our partner venues have been operating safely and as ‘normal’ as possible for a few months now, which gives us confidence heading into Twisterella 2021.

We have changed one of our venues this year, with the Teesside University Students’ Union stage moving into The Hub rather than the bar. This means space will be increased in the bar area for people wanting to take some time away from the crowds and it will also allow us to provide a larger backstage area to artists.

There are a few things we can all do to help keep everybody safe and healthy:

  • Anyone with any of the Covid 19 symptoms should not attend the festival.
  • We strongly recommend that anybody attending Twisterella – be it performers, staff or audience members – takes a lateral flow test in the run up to arriving at the festival. Do not attend the festival if you test positive!
  • If you would like to wear a mask, then please feel comfortable to do so – particularly when venues are busy. The majority of staff across our partner venues will be wearing masks.
  • Where possible, please keep your distance and respect everyone’s personal space! We appreciate that may be easier said than done, but courtesy, compassion and kindness will all help.
  • If you have the Track and Trace App, continue to use it and check in at each venue where possible.
  • Antibacterial handgel will be available in every venue and antibacterial wipes will be used to clean the stage after every performance.
  • Respect one another. That, above all, is the key thing. Everyone has had different experiences and is in different places. Respect their decisions and respect their space, whether they are other audience members, staff or artists.

We understand that for a lot of our audience and performers, Twisterella will be one of their first gigs back. It might feel strange, but we hope everyone has fun and stays safe. See you on Saturday!

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