We Stand to Denounce Racism In All Its Forms

We Stand to Denounce Racism In All Its Forms

Back in June, we joined the North East’s cultural sector in signing a statement denouncing racism in all its forms:


Like many people in the wider music industry, we spent #BlackOutTuesday reading, learning and discussing how we can make positive changes to become better allies to musicians from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

We understand that being anti-racist in itself is not enough.

Moving forward, some tangible actions we will take include:

  • Ensuring more diversity on our panels at artist development events such as the Twisterella (un)Conference

  • Working with regional organisations including Generator/Tipping Point, Tees Music Alliance, Musinc, We Make Culture and Tracks to improve support and opportunities for emerging artists from Black, Asian and other non-white minority ethnic backgrounds

  • Better publicising paid freelance roles, such as photographer, videographer, social media marketing, stage manager, runner and sound engineer, to help create a more diverse Twisterella team

We hope real change is happening, not only in the arts, music, culture and heritage industries, but in society.

We know there is more to be done and we welcome conversations, feedback and guidance – contact us here: https://twisterella.co.uk/contact/

Thank you,

Henry, Andy & Phil

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